Robert Bojor

I'm Robert Bojor. I live in Romania, where I code the future.

As far back as I can remember, computers were more than just machines to me. At the impressionable age of 18, my life took an exciting turn when I got my hands on my first ever computer, a ZX Spectrum. Growing up in Romania, exploring the complex world of technology was no easy feat, and I was mostly self-taught. However, my preoccupation with computers soon transformed into a passion that not only paved the path for my successful career as a web engineer but also led me to establish two companies: Robotech Computers and Red Bear Studio.

With over two decades of experience under my belt, I've seen the landscape of web application development transform drastically. Each evolution has only intensified my love for this ever-evolving field as I continue to preview the future through the lines of code I create. This lifelong obsession with the digital world has pushed me to surpass my counterparts and hold my own as a senior web engineer.

When I'm not indulging in my love for coding, you'll probably find me hidden behind the lens of a camera or deep in the midst of a highly engaging video game. Even though these hobbies seem like another world compared to work, they still echo my love for anything that synergizes tech and creativity. The same thread of creativity that sparked with my first ZX Spectrum continues into these hobbies as well, allowing me to escape the work mindset while staying close to my first love - technology.